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Rich & Son Shoulder Relieve Saddle Panel

Pop Up Element
    Developed over the past two decades by Rich & Son Saddles this type of panel is  for horses with predominate or asymmetrical shoulders. This saddle is unlike other saddles with a two part panel system by allowing shoulder movement rather than restricting the shoulder muscles,  the saddle cannot be pushed from side to side in a horses stride. The saddle has now been adopted by some of the top UK event riders. 

    So how does it work....? The weight baring panel is set very straight and away from the shoulders, the flap on the outer part of the saddle can still be very forward cut which allows for riders leg to be able to go much more forward than a traditional straight cut saddle. To ensure the saddle flaps stay in flat a flat position there are adjustable blocks put on velcro, the position of these can be adjusted and be of different thickness, partically useful when when a horses muscles are less on one side. 

    We make this type of panel on the following  saddles General Purpose, dressage and cross country saddles- in both twin flap and monoflap.